1961 - Gustave Tassell transforms the set of Universal's "Flower Drum Song" into a fantastic fashion show


Brocades copied from priceless antique patterns, 14-carat gold thread and trimmings, embroidery Oriental in feeling and so rich it has a third dimension—all of these make up a California extravaganza in fashions for evening wear. These opulent styles are shown here along with another West Coast extravaganza: Universal's set for the movie version of Flower Drum Song, a costly and meticulous recreation of San Francisco's Chinatown. 

Fabric is given the whole play in these clothes which are a culmination of the trend toward the elegant and sumptuous. The shapes are tailored and timeless, as in the two short evening dresses above by Gustave Tassell, a winner of this fall's Fashion Critics' Award. They are inevitably, expensive($300 to $875) since the brocades cost up to $40 a yard. But because they are so simply cut they are also an investment that will be stylish for years. 


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