A gorgeous 1942 cottage from Kansas City


For 11 months out of every year, yards of spicy nasturtium vines clamber over the low white fence and wander along the roadside, identifying the place far better than any street number could. Everyone in Carmel knows "the white stone cottage down on the Point the one with the nasturtiums." 

Old and new, so smoothly blended that you can't detect which is which, is the successful charm recipe in this livable room of Mrs. Peggy Sloan of Kansas City, Missouri. Study her color-wizardry—deep blue carpet, warm white walls, and everywhere soft, glowing accents of red. It's a perfect background for treasured old furniture and accessories. Notice how the toile wallpaper in the small dining-room echoes the blue of the living-room carpet. Don't miss a detail, from the handsome needlepoint bell-pull on the wall to the exquisite lace-and-linen "tidies" on the fireside chairs. There's inspiration here for you—ways aplenty of using antiques as a living part of your home.

Was there ever a more enchanting group? It bubbles over with imagination plus impeccable taste! Especially we like the red and white chintz window shades, twin sets of pillows (red damask and blue  satin) on the snug little sofa, blue toile wallpaper lining the fine antique corner cupboard, old mercury glass tieback holders for the simple white voile curtains, and Mrs. Sloan's deftly placed color accents thruout the room, all of which add personal charm.