Visiting Anna May Wong's home in 1941 | Better Homes and Gardens Magazine


Purple iris makes this dramatic Oriental arrangement in an unusual bamboo container Anna May Wong designed herself for the corner window of her living-room. Arrangements of  green leaves are beautiful in it. 

Here Miss Wong serves tea for two. This daisies-won't-tell arrangement in its horizontal bamboo container is very modern 

Miss Wong enjoys using blossoming nasturtium vines in these giant bamboo holders on either side of her fireplace. The simplicity of these arrangements shows the influence of ancient Chinese flower art. These inexpensive holders can be bought at almost any Oriental shop. They're made of the plain bamboo stem cut at the joints. In dry atmospheres they've tendency to crack 

On Miss Wong's console table she uses an inexpensive deep blue glazed Oriental pillow vase that's a handsome foil for pale blue or yellow waterlilies and leaves.

Again we see the Oriental influence in this arrangement of coral gladiolus and foliage in an upright celadon-green Oriental pillow vase. The flowers, fruit, and Miss Wong's portrait make a pleasing ensemble on her dining-room highboy.