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The amazing All-Weather Drive-In Theater (1957)
Forgotten Hollywood: gorgeous Suzanne Kaaren
The beautiful Norma Shearer
Forgotten Hollywood : Toby Wing - the most beautiful chorus girl in Hollywood
1954 at the Romanoff -  the first party in honor of Marilyn Monroe
Behind the scenes of White Christmas (1954)
Elaine Stewart in The adventures of Hajji Baba (1954)
Behind the scenes of the 1954 20th Century-Fox The Egyptian
Behind the scenes of MGM 1954 "Brigadoon"
1954 - Kim Novak came to Hollywood to become a model but was signed up by Columbia Pictures
Alfred Hitchcock on the set for "Dial M for Murder"
Grace Kelly - Hollywood's brightest and busiest star of 1954
Just.... AVA - and a behind the scenes look at the Barefoot Contessa
Audrey - stunning in Ondine (1954)
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