1943 - Celotex war bonds would give you after the war Tomorrow's "Miracle Home". Design #2


THE great new developments of American industry for war will result in great new benefits when victory is won. And one of these will be a "miracle home" with undreamed-of comforts and conveniences for the Average American. 

In it, you will enjoy livability on a scale unknown even to the wealthiest family today ! Ingenious new electrical servants .. . Manufactured weather ..."Climate-proof" engineering to safeguard comfort and health. Yet your "miracle home" will be very low in cost, thanks to revolutionary advances in design, materials and construction born of the building industry's vast war experience. 

What's more, ownership of this home will be remarkably easy. For you will enjoy the fruits of financing plans that will make your home as easy to buy as an automobile. Far in the future ? Not at all ! It's so close that you can earmark your War Bonds to use as a down payment. And the more bonds you buy, the sooner this "miracle home" will be yours. It is part of the blue prints of the new and better America.