1945 Pan Am - CECO promo


The ad reads:

No fanciful dream on a designer's drawing board is this huge six-engined Clipper. Months ago Pan American placed an order with Consolidated Vultee for a fleet of these sky-giants-- soon they will become an actuality. 204 passengers and 7 tons of mail and freight will speed non-stop across the North Atlantic to Europe. Daily service to Honolulu and Latin America is part of Pan American's sweeping postwar plan to bring distant places closer than they have ever been before. These are the types of planes for which Chandler-Evans builds carburetors and fuel pumps. The larger planes — with engines from 400 H.P. up to the big ones needed by this new sky giant — demand the engineering precision and dependability that is built into every CECO product. As it is serving the Liberators, Superfortresses, and other big war planes today, so will Chandler-Evans supply tomorrow's greatest air liners.