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In 1947 at Muroc Army Air Base, California, the XB-45 underwent its first tests. It was the first american four-jet bomber.
The 1950 B-36 cargo version concept
Hughes XH-17 - world's first flying crane (1952)
The 1954 Boeing 707 Jet Stratoliner
The 1962 jetcopter that floats, flies and drives
1934 The first flight of the Pan Am Clipper (Sikorsky S-42)
The unusual Bell X-14A
The forgotten JM-1utility plane
The iconic Douglas A-26 Invader
The hoppicopter - it flew!
December 1949 - last test flight of the Fairchild C-119 before entering service
(X)F-90 the first "supersonic" Lockheed
1946: the Republic Aviation Company announces a commercial plane that will never get built
Northrop F-15 Reporter -  the forgotten photo-reconaissance plane
Year is 1967. A de Havilland lands on the streets of NY to prove that STOL planes can provide support in case of a major metropolitan disaster.
1967 - Pan Am and Boeing present the jumbo jets (747) that will enter service in 1970 on the New York-Paris line
NASA's M-2 F1 "Flying Bathtub"
Lockheed P-2 Neptune - the great submarine hunter
The first flight of the Lockheed T2V-1
1954, Burbank, California - the first flight of the Lockheed YC-130A
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