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1948. Vought XF6U-1 Pirate jet passes tests
1948 - Bell 47-D becames the first helicopter to operate commercially in Florida
1948. Northrop YB-49 jet flying wing in flight
1947. The Navy presents the XF9F-2 fighter jet
1947. Chuck Yeager and Bell XS-1 make supersonic flight
1947. NACA's ramjet flying test stand
1947. the first photo of the Douglas D-558-2 "Skyrocket" is made public
1947. Taxi tests for Boeing Stratojet
1947. World's largest landplane in taxi tests
1947. Douglas unveils its new research plane
Lupia Standard Hangar constructed for North American Aviation Corp. at Westchester County Airport, White Plains, New York
1947. The Republic XF-12
1947. Flying the new Beech Twin-Quad
November 2, 1947 - Howard Hughes' Flying Boat became airborne
A great 1960 illustration of the (then under construction) LAX
1947. YB-49 heads for Muroc and army flight tests
1947. Howard Hughes presents XF-11
1947. Boeing stratojet bomber heralds transonic combat.
1947. The Stratocruiser spreads its wings
1947. AAF Unveils new XP-87