1945 - a Vought-Sikorsky VS-44 flying boat, "Flying Ace Excalibur" of American Export Airlines takes off to Europe


The ad below reads:

ALTHOUGH these flying boats used by American Export Airlines have been engaged in 100% war work since 1942, they were originally custom-designed as luxury aircraft for transatlantic travel, and so included a carefully engineered cabin heating system with automatic Barber-Colman Controls. Since the first flight, these controls have been an integral part of the "Flying Aces", and have operated well over 2000 hours without overhaul or maintenance. To an airline this is a factor of major importance in maintaining schedules. Barber-Colman Controls further demonstrate their versatility and adaptability for aircraft use by the fact that, on a recent changeover from exhaust gas heat-exchangers to gasoline-fired heaters in the "Flying Aces", the same controls will be used. Automatic cabin temperature control is only one of a variety of functions which Barber-Colman aircraft control equipment can handle accurately and reliably with maximum performance and a minimum of maintenance. Barber-Colman Controls are light in weight, powerful, and specially de-signed for the extreme conditions of aircraft service. Barber-Colman Control Equipment has received the "Approved Quality Control Rating" of the U. S. Army Air Forces.