Performance points to Pesco first - gorgeous 1945 PESCO-Eastern Airlines illustration


YESTERDAY she was ferrying tons of vital war materials over the Hump; flying stout-hearted Paratroopers into battle; hurrying wounded American boys home to peaceful safety. Known to the Army as the C-46, she was more affectionotely dubbed the "flying boxcar". Today, this tried and proved Curtiss Commando is ready for service over the importont air lanes of Eastern Airlines ... luxuriously refitted to carry 36 passengers in deep-cushioned, air-conditioned comfort. New ideas of safety and speed make her one of the world's largest, fastest and smoothest flying twin-engined transports. These luxury planes have been made possible by the many new aircraft products that were born in the white-hot crucible of war. Many of these products were designed and built by PESCO. And now, in peace, PESCO know-how makes these precision-built hydraulic and liquid pumps and controls available to commercial aviation and other industries.