The 1944 Hotpoint Meadowlark Kitchen

THE MEADOWLARK KITCHEN for farm homes, is convenient and roomy. Its cheerfulness and efficiency will delight you. Has Hotpoint Electric Range, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Cabinet Sink and electrically lighted Steel Cabinets. 

THE ELECTRIC refrigerator designed to keep foods fresh and provide fast, thrifty freezing, as well as convenient storage space--- dominates this center. Ideally, it should be located near the outside door through which supplies are brought. The best place for the mixing center is adjacent to refrigerator, for the numerous supplies used in making cakes, pies, breads, casserole dishes, salads and desserts require refrigeration. A well planned storage and food mixing center has a refrigerator for perishables, cupboards next to it for staple foods and equipment used in preparing foods, and a counter for working space. Cupboards above the refrigerator can be used for canned foods.