1945 | London - 660 minutes by Stratocruiser


Some millions of Americans have recently made new friends in countries all around the globe. Many of those friendships will continue to flourish. For there are no longer any "far-away places." The Boeing Stratocruiser will measure in hours the discancc to any spot on earch. 

You would expect such an airplanc from Boeing—world's leading builder of four-engine aircraft, pioneer in supercharged planes for over-weather stratosphere flight, and creator of the mighty B-29. And the Boeing Stratocruiser will not disappoint you. It is what you want and the airlines need. The Stratocruiser brings a new, un-precedented standard of performance, operating efficiency and reliability. For it makes full use of the aerodynamic, structural and mechanical advancements developed by Boeing for big bombers and transports during the war. It has a maximum cruising speed of 340 miles per hour and provides exceptionally low operating costs over a wide range of flying distances —from 300 to more than 3000 miles. 

Most versatile of all large aircraft, its spacious double-deck design and big payload capacity fit the Stratocruiser for almost every type of medium or long range operation. In the standard, domestic version, 81 passengers may be carried-67 on the upper deck in large, comfortable reclining chairs and 14 in luxurious seats in the lounge—with ample luggage and cargo capacity. As a de luxe transocean plane, the Strarocruiser will accommodate 75 passengers on daylight trips or at night —provide 30 unusually spacious berths plus 15 additional seats—together with baggage and cargo. As a "commuter" transport, it can seat 114 passengers, and in all-cargo operation its 19 1/2-ton capacity and easy-loading provisions make it out-standingly eificient. For any of these kinds of service, the Boeing Stratocruiser offers the lowest direct operating cost per ton mile achieved by any existing aircraft. To meet the need for all types of feeder and main line operation, other Boeing transports are also on the way.