Nylon for 1950 - from clothes to curtains


NYLON sets the scene for a lady-on-her-way-to-a-party. In the upper photograph, nylon appears in a handsome bedspread of Mallinson's "Nymal" taffeta, made by N. Sumergrade, $50 at Altman's, New York; City of Paris, San Francisco. "Nymal" is made in 15 colors; the finish is permanent ; it washes well, needs no ironing. Dress, Christian Dior—New York. All furniture by Baker. 

Below: indirect light falls softly through nylon marquisette curtains by Vogue-Robertson, 108" length, $7.95 at Abraham & Straus, Brooklyn. These are made in white and six colors, are washable and dry smooth and crisp, require minimum ironing. Hat, Christian Dior—New York. 

Below: nylon appears as distinguished "Imperial Servana" carpet by Nye-Wait, a $30 a quare yard at Marshall Field, Chicago; Barker Bros., Los Angeles; Lord & Taylor, New York. Choose from 10 colors with the assurance that it wears wonderfully. Slippers on model by Julianelli.