Muskegon Mall, downtown Muskegon, Michigan | original color photos: John Penrod

Muskegon Mall was an enclosed shopping mall in downtown Muskegon, Michigan. Opened in March 27, 1976, it closed in 2001 and was torn down for redevelopment.

THE MUSKEGON MALL — This most unique development in downtown Muskegon, Michigan. was accomplished by converting existing buildings and storefronts, on formerly busy Western Avenue, into a beautiful enclosed mall. 

Wikipedia: Muskegon Mall construction began in 1974, and the mall opened for business on March 27, 1976. Created by enclosing three blocks of Western Avenue and building a department store at each end - Sears at one end, and Grand Rapids-based Steketee's at the other - the mall also resulted in the closure of parts of First, Second, and Jefferson streets. Incorporated as a third anchor, an existing store, Hardy's, had been in operation since 1881, and its store was partnered with Herpolsheimer's after being rebuilt in 1946.