1965. Anne Bancroft - stunning as a fashion model | TV Guide 1965-03-20 Northern California

 Chapter 6 in our Designer's Choice series features Anne Bancroft, stage, screen and television actress, in fashions from the spring collection of Pauline Trigere, famous New York designer. The Trigere hallmark is a deceptive look of simplicity which emerges from an artistic, intricate cut. Her clothes are exciting in their elegance of line, detail and fabric. They are recognized as "timeless," the finest tribute in fashion. 

Miss Bancroft in Trigere's silk dress of Staron silk in a marvelous Rousseau-like print on a black background. Only the front of the dress is in this jungle print (in several shades of blue, orange, pink, green and gold)—the back is solid black. The skirt flares slightly from the hips, the neck is draped, the fit is easy. 

A long gown in white, black and chartreuse silk crepe. The top of this slim, soft dress is most unusual. The black panel drapes asymetrically over the right shoulder to fall to the floor in the back or to continue across the back and wrap the other shoulder for a stole effect. Anne's coiffures by Ingrid of Michel Kazan. Gloves on on these pages by Kislav.