Plan 1802, designed by Architect Rudolph A. Matern


IT'S A BIG HOUSE, this low-roofed design by Architect Rudolph A. Matern, with four good-sized bedrooms, three bathrooms, extra rooms for special uses. The outdoors is given almost as much attention -as the indoors, with a number of terraces and porches, each having access to the house through one or more doors. Most exciting of the outdoor areas is the dining porch and terrace to the rear of the family-dining living section of the house. The colorful sketch above shows this space in a glorious night scene. 

Features you will like: Bedroom terrace separated from activity terrace by high fence; sliding doors that permit living room, dining room and family room to be opened into a single large room; snack bar separating dining room from kitchen; well integrated kitchen and laundry area; a corner for hi-fi; room for a hobby, sewing, office-den, extra bedroom - you name it. 

Areas: House 2,384, garage 368 sq. ft. 

A bird's-eye view of the big house. The wing at the front is the garage. Fenced-in area at the left is the garden terrace and service yard, partially sheltered by roof overhang. Covered walk adds charm to front entry.