1949 - New mistress of the Clipper Fleet | Aviation Week, March 14, 1949


With the delivery of the first of a fleet of 20 Boeing Stratocruisers to Pan American World Airways, the history of commercial aviation will open a fresh chapter.

For the Stratocruiser is not just a "bigger and better" edition of present-day airliners. It is a completely new kind of airplane, embodying scores of advances in basic design and engineering.

Many of these new principles have brilliantly proved their worth in the great Boeing Superfortresses - the B-29 and B-50. Others, specifically developed for transport service, have helped give the Air Force's C-97 Stratofreighters their outstanding performance.

These design innovations produce some extraordinary results. The twin-deck Stratocruiser is faster (340 mph. cruising speed)-roomier (with ample space for up to 80 passengers) far more comfortable- yet more efficient in operation than any other transport now in service.

Now coming off the production lines in steadily increasing numbers, more and more Stratocruisers will be delivered to six major airlines in the next few months. Built into every one is the airworthy staunchness traditional in Boeing airplanes.