Northrop C-125 Raider makes debut | Aviation Week, August 15, 1949

First photos of initial production model Northrop C-125 Raider three-engined transport for USAF show craft taking off at Hawthorne, Calif., on beginning of accelerated test program, and also point up large-span double slotted flaps and huge under-fuselage loading ramp. Noteworthy in top photo are large dihedral angle and dual tail wheels. The big rear loading space admits vehicles up to 6 ft. high, 9 ft. wide, and 24 ft. long. Military payload is stated to be five tons. Modified tail features split rudder. A total of 23 Raiders are on order-13 as assault transports which will act in lieu of gliders in establishing airheads, and 10 to be assigned for Arctic rescue missions. Northrop has licensed Canadair, Ltd., of Montreal, to manufacture the Raider for the international market. The craft's rugged design and ability to operate from short, unimproved flight strips is said to have created interest in the plane by feederline and bush freight opera- tors. Special features include provision for easy maintenance, including a hinged leading edge, giving easy access to control cables.