Westinghouse precipitron electronic air cleaner for a wide variety of retail stores (1950)


Relatively, PRECIPITRON could be called a new device. Yet it emerged from the Westinghouse Research Laboratories over ten years ago. Since that time, over fifty million cfm of cleaning capacity has been installed for commerce and industry.

Illustrated here are a few of the retail stores where management weighed all factors-and installed PRECIPITRON.

In this suburban branch of a metropolitan store, walls and ceilings are spotless, without cleaning and painting in almost four years. Notice particularly that there are no smudge marks around the ventilating outlets. This is an acid test of any air cleaning installation.

PRECIPITRON was installed in this variety store in a large eastern city to maintain bright, sparkling clean "impulse" appeal on counters displaying thousands of articles that usually soil quickly. The success of PRECIPITRON air cleaning here led the management to equip stores in other cities with similar installations.

Architects designing this leading metropolitan jewelry store planned for PRECIPITRON - and were therefore unhampered by consideration of dirt and dust. Designs for lighting and display required that no foreign particles be in the air to show paths of light from concealed light sources.