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Eastridge Shopping Center, San Jose - once the largest mall on the West Coast
Last minute Christmas shopping from Gimbels, New York | TV Guide Chicago, December 18-24, 1954
Westinghouse precipitron electronic air cleaner for a wide variety of retail stores (1950)
Webb's City St. Petersburg, Florida - from a small drugstore to a 21-million-dollar business | Cosmopolitan, 1953-02
The Bel Air Mall, Mobile, Alabama
 Eastwood Mall, Birmingham, Alabama
1937. The selling shows at Chicago's Merchandise Mart
1954 Abercrombie & Fitch store window display
Mid 1930's. Woolworth, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mid 1950's Sears San Diego
North Port Charlotte Plaza, Florida | color photo by M. O. Barthalow
Jordan Marsh department store on Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The beautiful Bullock's, South Lake Avenue, Pasadena, California
Firestone for the Christmas of 1942
Macy's department store, Sacramento, California | Original color photo by Fred Shorthill
China section at Simpson's department store, Ontario
Early 1950s - Food Giant Market in Panorama City, San Fernando Valley
Mid 1950s - Sears in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Clinton Street at Rudisill | color photo: Virgil V. Marquart
The iconic Bullocks Wilshire in the mid 1950s
Leonard's Department Store, Fort Worth, Texas
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