All-metal Piasecki rescuer | Aviation Week, December 5, 1949


Piasecki Helicopter Corp. last week took the wraps off its new all-metal fuselage HRP-2 Navy helicopter, development of the well known fabric-covered HRP-1 Rescuer. Powered like the earlier rotorcraft with a 600 hp. Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine, the new machine is Piasecki's entry in the forthcoming Air Force rescue helicopter competition, with an alternate 800 hp. engine installation. New fuselage has side-by- side pilot seating, complete dual controls, central instrument location and improved visibility. Fitted with eight passenger seats, it can also carry up to 9 litters. Unobstructed cabin space 20 ft. by 5 ft. by 54 ft. is provided. Higher powered version will carry up to 12 litters or 20 troop seats, or in emergency evacuation will carry 27. Tandem rotor configuration, provides exceptional range of center of gravity travel, permitting passenger movement in flight, and pickup or release of additional loads while in hovering flight, without serious balance problems. In recent USAF evaluation tests, the HRP-2, which has been flying about a month, made 21 test trips without mechanical delays. Higher cruising speed, and decreased vibration are results of the new fuselage construction and design which is considerably cleaner, aerodynamically than that of the HRP-1. Rear rotor housing is faired into a large vertical fin, thus eliminating need for two auxiliary vertical fins attached to HRP-1's tail for improved stability. Fuselage length is 54 ft. with rotor diameters approximately 50 ft.