The 1956 America's Atoms for Peace Expo in Japan


The Japanese, who well know the deadly aspects of atomic energy, have been getting their first look at its beneficial side. By tens of thousands they crowded into a traveling Atoms for Peace exhibit, cosponsored by the U.S. Information Service and Japanese newspapers, to gape at Geiger counters, a nuclear reactor model and tall stalks of wheat nourished by irradiated fertilizer. For all the novelty, the Japanese seemed to feel at home in the peacetime atomic age. One of the exhibits (above), a model of a cancer therapy unit, stood in front of a screen with flashing orange lights which represented fissioning uranium atoms. When two pretty attendants grouped themselves around a dummy under the unit's arch-ing drum, they transformed the scientific setting into something as poetically graceful as a Japanese bridge against a sky of gently glowing moons. 


images and info provided by the LIFE Magazine / LIFE Magazine International / LIFE Magazine Atlantic ARCHIVE from the Zetu Harrys Collection


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