The interesting 1956 farm inspired fashion.


The lowly black-and-red bandanna, a staple in the farmer's wardrobe for more than a century, has now been fetched off the farm to dress up stylish cityfolk. This season designers are using bandanna-printed cotton to enliven shorts, slacks, raincoats and even evening 'dresses for spring and early summer. The pattern tends to be overpowering in large doses so the new bandanna styles use generous amounts of plain white or black, as shown here. to counteract the traditional red background. Bandanna prints are now available in almost every species of medium-priced apparel, and any solid color outfit can be brightened up by adding an ordinary bandanna handkerchief available at the ten-cent store. 


images and info provided by the LIFE Magazine / LIFE Magazine International / LIFE Magazine Atlantic ARCHIVE from the Zetu Harrys Collection


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