Macdonald Carey and gorgeous Shelley Winters on the set of Universal-International's "South Sea Sinner".


In "South Sea Sinner," Shelley Winters is a heady example why theatres are fireproofed, for as a bad girl with a heart of gold, she'd make an Eskimo sizzle. Shelley's a so-called singer, provocatively named Coral, in a dive on a tropical island. Her language is salty, her walk sexy and her curves so full-blown and lethal that she's forever driving men crazy. Of course, there's always one man who can drive a girl like Shelley crazy in turn, and in this instance it's Macdonald Carey, who's suspected of playing Ping-Pong with the Japs during the War. Mac's never out of trouble in the picture and Shelley is always in there fighting like a tiger for him. It's torrid while it lasts, but eventually both agree that what Shelley's got is fine in the tropics, but how would she go over at a strawberry festival back home? 

source: Screenland Magazine | Zetu Harrys collection