1947. The Stratocruiser spreads its wings


Boeing's great new Stratocruisers are fulfilling every promise in their proving flights over the Pacific Northwest. With far more power than any aircraft now in commercial service, these spacious, twin-deck giants have a cruising speed of 340 miles per hour. They soar along the higher skyways, where flight is smooth and weather fair. And their complete air-conditioning, made possible by Boeing's research and its unparal-leled experience in high-level flight, keeps cabin pressures normal and comfortable. As soon as Civil Aeronautics Ad-ministration tests are completed, Stratocruiscr deliveries to the air-lines will begin. Meanwhile, more and more of the huge,gleaming ships arc moving onto the assembly floor. Brilliantly designed and engineered — built with the same rugged dependability that distinguished the famous Boeing B-17 and B-29—the Stratocruiser has no rival in the transport field. 

Aviation Week | September 22, 1947