It's true what they say about Gina | Screenland plus TV Land January 1954


GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA'S Roman countrymen call her a poem in motion. The French call her 5'5", fully- packed figure a chef d'oeuvre, a work of art. A young Russian-and to this day nobody knows how he managed to smuggle the letter through the Iron Curtain-wrote "Tzina" Lollobrigida the following: "Siberia is very cold. I long to come to sunny Italy to make your acquaintance. In your presence, I am sure I will never again be cold even in the most freezing temperatures." A 65-year-old Swede, Ernest Lindstrom by name, walked most of the way from Sweden to meet Gina. He made this statement upon his arrival in Rome. "I came to Italy to meet her because I saw her in a picture and for me she is the most beautiful woman in the world. If necessary, I would walk half- way around this globe to be in the same room with her. I must marry her."

Fans from many parts of the world call her "The Golden Bosom" for splendidly-obvious reasons. The Rome Daily American refers to her as "sort of a moving version of a historical novel's book jacket." And a Dutch critic, under the kind of extreme emotional duress which often results in a heart attack, ended his praise of her charms with the following comment: "Here is an incomparable package of glorious womanhood. Gina has the urgent physical appeal of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and the late Jean Harlow combined with the flawless beauty of a Hedy Lamarr."

Fortunately for 150 million Americans, particularly the masculine half of the population, this tantalizing Roman dish of potent anatomical force, already considered Europe's Queen of Perfect Pulchritude, will be paying our shores a visit around the first of the year. Luscious new star of the Italian cinema, Gina is probably the most perfectly formed creature Europe has ogled since Aphrodite. Her challenge for the title of Number One International Pin-Up Girl is a formidable one. In the six years since this Roman tidbit was chosen Miss Italy, she has become one of Europe's biggest box-office attractions. Having won the French equivalent of the Oscar for the best 1952 performance by a foreign actress, she must be able to act as well as radiate heat. Millions of fans are clamoring for more and more of this fabulous new product Italy is exporting for the edification of filmgoers in every part of the world.