The look is international - Julier Prowse, the star of NBC's Meet Mona McCluskey turns fashion model | TV Guide (Mass) 16-22 october 1965


Every now and then we spot clothes so well designed that they would look right anywhere in the world. Just such clothes are being created by C. Capriotti, who started in Beverly Hills and has branched out nationally. They are modeled here by Juliet Prowse, the star of Mona McCluskey, who has a beguiling look of her own that blends perfectly with the international look of these fashions.

Photos by Bill Claxton


Mona McCluskey (also known as Meet Mona McCluskey) is an American sitcom that aired on NBC as part of its 1965-66 schedule. The series stars Juliet Prowse in the title role, and aired from September 16, 1965 to April 14, 1966.