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November 1949, Air Force released the first details of its first air-to-air missile | Aviation Week, November 14, 1949
1949 - guided missiles enter production
1946. First flight picture of the Bell XS-1
1946 - The Navy presents its new "robot" bomb
1946. first photo of the NACA guided missile.
The unique Northrop XP-79
1945 - nearly 4,000 surplus aircraft of all types are waiting to be scrapped at Walnut Ridge, Ark.
White Sands "Missile Park" New Mexico
1959 Ryan Aeronautical ad promoting the Firebee transonic jet targets
1959 - Twin Lock ad showcasing the Nike Missiles
A Craig shelter houses intermediate range theodolite for a Jupiter IRBM (1959)
In 1939 the Romanian National Rail Company started the construction of civilian vaults.
1949 - Radio is test pilot of "flying stovepipe"
Testing the Redstone missile at Cape Canaveral
The  1950s Boeing Supersonic Ramjet BOMARC Missile tests in Florida
1956 - U.S. Races for a supermissile - ICBM
1955. U.S.S. Albacore - the second stage of the underwater revolution which began with the atomic-powered U.S. Nautilus.
Radio-guided model blimp used in Navy recruiting program (1953)
Warfare in the atomic age (1955)
1955 West Germany joins NATO
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