The women swimming suits of 1956


The black knit bathing suit already gives promise of becoming next summer's version of the basic black dress. Descended from the stark "tank suit" which Annette Kellerman started on its way some 40 years ago. the new black knits come with patterned necklines and dec-orative trimmings. Black knit itself is traditionally kind to most figures but wearers who need no help can find exceedingly bare versions. Sparsest suit is the abbreviated bikini which is still popular in Europe and has been having a limited high-style revival in this country. These basic black swimsuits in wool or cotton knit are being made by big-volume manufacturers of playclothes as well as by leading sportswear designers. But they also appear in a new style by Dior , who has just begun designing bathing suits for U.S. wearers. 


images and info provided by the LIFE Magazine / LIFE Magazine International / LIFE Magazine Atlantic ARCHIVE from the Zetu Harrys Collection


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