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The 1959 Plymouth Station Wagon - for routine household chores or a family celebration
The 1951 Packard Models
The 1963 General Motors car models - scans from General Motors 1963 annual report
1954. Beach buggies on Cape Cod
1953. Ford and Texas' Fields of Blue
1946. Los Angeles. Fritz B. Burns designs the first carport
Peacetime in Hawaii - 1945 BRB promo
A gorgeous 1940 illustration for Packard 120
1941 Mercury 8 and Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar
The twin-torpedo race car of 1949
The 1949 Mustang (no relation to Ford)
1938 Ford tow trucking service in Romania
The 1956 Ford line-up of cars
The new 1956 Chevrolet was available in 19 colors
The Ford cars of 1956 - safety for the american road
The colorful cars of 1956
The 1956 electric highway of the future
A new breed of Fords for 1956
Ford presents the 1956 models
The 1953 five-passenger housecar
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