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Gene Tierney and Aly Khan - a great love affair
That moment when Bing Crosby sold all his 65 race horses to help raise inheritance tax on his wife's estate
That moment when Jackie Gleason invited 400 people at his birthday | TV Guide Chicago | 2-8 April 1955
Hope's Greatest Road Show - how Bob Hope entertained troops from 1941 to 1967 | TV Guide January 12, 1968  - East New England
1963. Gorgeous TV star Hope Lange becomes a hairstyle model for the famous George Masters of Saks Fifth Avenue
A fantastic shot of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II in 1956
Hanne Smyrner - Nymph in a narrow niche (1955)
Dorothy Rankin and her "Little Theater Marionettes"
Gisela Maletski and her cat Peter (1955)
1954 Oakland, Calif. Officer Jack Francis teaches children how to safely cross the road
The advertising beauties of the 50s - let's discover the girls behind the ads
In 1950 for her birthday Shelley Winters got a rose, but she wanted a Cadillac
After 9 years of preparations Howard Hughes presents: Faith Domergue
The 1950 retrospective exhibition of Edward Hopper's art - the man who painted America
That moment when Joan Caulfield wins the main role in Petty Girl outrunning 260 other contestants
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